Gabriela Vergara is a jewellery designer who specialises in creating delicate jewellery beaded with semi-precious gems and metals.    
Her pieces offer the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication: bold enough to shine on their own.  
Her collection is versatile and can easily be worn for both informal day and night.  
She creates her jewellery in her studio in Battersea, London. 
Gabriela's background is in visual merchandising.  However, after completing a course at St Martins, London, she decided to follow her passion of working with semi-precious stones. After all, she had been collecting pebbles and gems from all over the world as a way to keep her memories alive.  
Eventually, her appreciation for simple gems turned into semi-precious ones, dreaming that one day she will create something special out of these pretty little gems.
She began by creating one-off pieces for friends and family, then she moved on to local fairs and private sales.  
Today she has launched her business by creating three collections.